Valentines Day~Friday links


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Valentines Day has always been my favorite holiday, I know many people look at it as commercialized or depressing, I am sorry that they think of it that way. I have always loved the idea that it’s an excuse to tell your loved ones what they mean to you.¬† I treasure memories of valentines past spent celebrating with my family as a child and with girlfriends as I grew up. My mother always made holidays special with crafts and cooking. And I remember hosting some great parties before I had my two sidekicks. One of the traditions that has endured beyond children is that Spartacus and I take turns planning a special date on Valentines. We alternate years for special surprises. Sometimes we have wonderful, creative and expensive (our trip to Belize sans kiddos) and sometimes we have been busy, exhausted and broke (last year right before the move to Switzerland).

This year I was so excited about the moonlight snowshoeing that I did last month, I was eager to bring Spartacus along to enjoy it too. SO for Valentines Day that’s exactly what we did. A mountain hike in the snow, lit by the moon and followed by a lovely dinner in a very authentically Swiss restaurant in the mountains. We were joined by 4 other couples and had a really fun night. I hope your Valentines Day was a celebration too. Here are some Links for the week- Enjoy!

  1. I have friends who I wish would join Facebook. I never really used it much until I moved away from the place I call home. Now I am not it nearly everyday, posting blog stuff and checking out whats going on in the world. I get your reservations, really I do. Here is a good article that articulates the dilemma perfectly- and makes a hopefully convincing argument why you need to get an account despite your reservations.
  2. This SNL skit saved my Valentines Day. My husband and I stumbled upon it on Monday and I think he got the message because thursday night he brought to me a beautiful bouquet of white roses from a lovely flower shop here in the valley.
  3. I love these wedges, I just wish I could find some reviews- they are rather high for me, what do you think?
  4. I am a base board fanatic- I really have a thing for dirty, dingy, scuffed baseboards. I used to repaint them every year (when we lived in a house for more than a year). This was made for me.
  5. I might have to make this one for the weekend. It looks irresistible.

Enjoy the weekend ~ oxox

p.s.- Do tell me if you celebrated Valentines in a special way…. I am always looking for ideas on how to make my favorite holiday more special and memorable.