Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Idea- repost

2mothers-day-all-in-one-1024x778This idea was originally posted in may 2013, not long after we moved to Switzerland. We had such fun doing this photoshoot in front of our apartment (and in front what seems like 1/2 the village). I remember thinking “if they thought we were strange before, what on earth must they think of us now?”. So I am reposting this idea because it deserves a few more views and because I LOVE it so much!

If you waited till the last minute, gather up the family and use your iPhone to take some photos, send them digitally and let the mothers in your life de-scramble the message?

Happy Mothersday!

Mothers Day 2014

breakfast in bed

So bear with me while I record some of my Mothersday treasures from a really good year (cause last year sucked!). I was treated like a queen for not just one day, but TWO!!! Well, yes I deserved it, of course, but the truth is that sometimes our children fight their way through our important day, and the spouse (if there is one) can sometimes forget about it, or perhaps (like Spartacus) go on business trips (as was the case last year) (this should be illegal!). Saturday morning Spartacus crawled out of bed early (sort of) and I could hear Coco’s little voice trying to be quite while they clatter bowls and used the mixer to create a delicious brunch of steamed asparagus with fresh lemon, topped with a perfectly cooked egg (yokes must run and no crispy overcooked whites), rosti (hash browns) and a fantastic HOMEMADE orange muffin. I was in heaven for a few munites and then the food disappeared off my fork lickety split! After the relaxing morning of breakfast in bed we rode bikes to a neighboring village for the craft market and then for a hike up the Burgenstock for fresh air and spectacular views.

burgenstock nase




I was rewarded with lots of gifts and flowers (love peonies!). It was a perfect day, no rushing, no stress- and tired out, we chilled for the rest of the evening.

Now try not to be jealous over these homemade gifts. I linked some ideas for cute totes and homemade mothers day surprises in fridays post, but these are the swiss versions:) So all I am wondering is how long I have to keep a painted and bedazzled sequin, salt dough hanger with dangling coordinated paper cutouts on the walls of the flat. Because, hey, I got two of them (one for each day Coco attends spiel gruppe).

matching hangers

Homemade cards and a bouquet of paper flowers…

motherday card

more hommade paper crafts

… and a bouquet of real ones!

ahhh peonies

The centerpiece is an abstract design the roughly resembles the words (m) (o) (m) (spiral) (heart). I know you might be wondering where you can get one of these and the truth is that they are one of a kind treasures that can only be inspired by a mothers love:)


Hope you all had great celebrations too, everyone deserves to be loved this much!








Happy Mothers Day & Friday Links


Mary_Cassatt_-_Mother_and_Child_(The_Goodnight_Hug)This weekend is Mothersday- It’s super important- DONT FORGET IT! Pass along this post if you need to elicit a subtle reminder.

My mom raised 5 strong tempered children. I was the oldest and often try to take credit for my younger siblings successes since I helped raise them also; but the truth is, she (mom) was our beacon- she was the strongest force in our family. She taught us creativity, she taught us economy, she taught us how to work hard, and how important an education was, she showed us how important Heavenly Father was in her life and raised us with a knowledge of his love for us. My mom didn’t rush, but she didn’t waist time either. She taught us to give more effort than you have to. She taught us to endure to the end, and start over again tomorrow. She taught us to try harder to do better. She gave us the tools and foundation and freedom to make our own lives a success. She led by example. Thank you mom- I love you!

Heres a few links for the week, maybe some Mothers Day Shopping and DIY?

  1. Check out this idea for a mothers day tribute.
  2. I don’t care how old your kids are- moms need totes.
  3. I’m not a huge fan of kitchen clutter but this list of gadgets has me dreaming of opening a mothers day box full!
  4. Here is an adorable DIY Mothers Day letter.
  5. I would love one of these DIY gifts in my bathroom.
  6. Printable guild for those guys who don’t like guessing what will make you happy.

Enjoy your weekend where ever in the world you are, and please remember your mom!