Is anyone else in love with Nick Brody?


So living abroad has been made easier over the last few years with tech developments like a DNS site like Tunlr and apple TV. In fact our TV viewing is probably more precise and pleasurable here than at home using standard cable services. If you have no idea what I am talking about don’t worry unless of course you are a fellow expat with no idea how I am watching the latest Lifetime’s project runway, or Netflix House of Cards, or Showtime’s Homeland~ I suggest you get a hold of me via comments or email and I can hook-you-up with info and referrals.



Now about Homeland’s Nick Brody, the kinda creepy, kinda sexy marine-POW-terrorist-double-agent protagonist from Homeland. First, let me say that we watched 2 seasons of Homeland over a few weeks, so I have been a little consumed in the national security crisis and the twisted romance between Brody and Clair.(Spoiler) And after finishing season 2 last night, and watching him end a marriage and then sort of end an affair I was a little upset with him. (End of Spoiler)I’ll cut him a lot of slack though because I have a soft spot for guys in uniform and because anyone who has been a POW for 8 years deserves A LOT of slack. —- Todd VanDerWerff said “When Homeland focuses on Brody‚Äôs captivity, or his multiple allegiances, or his absence from his home”… we feel the weight for him. That brings us to Carrie, a parallel protagonist, a kick-butt CIA agent , albeit unpredictable and unstable due to bipolar disorder, who while trying to catch the terrorist, ended up sleeping with him, and I don’t really mean sleeping. Can we say HELLOOOO Carrie, take your meds!!! How does that happen? Does she think she can fix him? It could be that Broody has a strange magnetism, that his ability to kill bad guys and handle all kinds of pressure is attractive, yes… but didn’t she notice that he has is dragging like a gazillion pounds of baggage?! Been there, married that, it ain’t all that cozy once life gets real, ya know what I mean. I digress… sort of… I mean that their relationship is completely unrealistic (as is much of the show), but it’s also intoxicating. And because I have I used to have (before actually marrying it), a soft spot for the strong military PTSD type’s- there is something about Nick Brody that is… attractive. Maybe I don’t like Carrie because I keep fantasizing about being Jessica (his really pretty skinny wife who had cute short hair in season 1, and gave him two children that they both love). Side note~* as I write it becomes clear that this is practically my life… except, that my husband was not a POW or tortured by al-Qaeda, and he is not a terrorist, and I haven’t had a long affair with his best friend (who is the ultimate good looking good guy),or that he slept with a pretty blond CIA agent. Otherwise… there are similarities… like I have short hair, and we have 2 kids, and my husband is super hot, and was in the Gulf war, and chased terrorist.


Whilst just weeks ago we were biting our fingernails over Syria and teetering on more military involvement in the middle east, this well timed drama seems to keep us on the edge of the couch. As for Nick Brody, I want to believe he is a damaged, tortured soul, loyal to the people he loves and able to stay alive-but where was he for episode 1 season 3? And, as an expat so far away from home, I really hate watching a senate intelligence committee blaming well trained agents for the sucky things terrorist do. I want to love America, I want to believe in America, I miss the Homeland, but this show definitely isn’t a propaganda tool for American government. So where will Homeland take us in season 3? Are you watching? Is Nick still working for the bad guys? Is Damian Lewis the new George Clooney?