Open Air Kino- LAST CHANCE

Ok, so how did I miss this little treasure the last time we lived here (9 years ago)?! How have I almost missed it this summer?! Good news, there is one more weekend to catch the fun at Luzern’s Open Air Kino.

A lovely group of new friends and I attended The Great Gatsby on Saturday night. I was so impressed with the setup. It is a summertime temporary venue (because no one watches movies in the freezing cold rain and snow).

There are dining areas for the catering- and a wide variety of cuisine on the menu- Asian to Texmex believe it or not. Food prices were pretty normal and while I did not eat the food looked really delicious and fresh. Drink prices were a little high- Apfel schorle was 6chf.

Come early for good seats, every one else does too and and surprisingly no one minds you leaving stuff to save-your-seat. We used blankets which came in really handy on Saturday night as our summertime weather seems to be coming to an end. I saw other people marking seats with names written on paper and taped to the seat. They had a lot of cute SWAG too. Free packets of tissues before the show (although Gatsby story does not make me cry, just hungry for justice and a happy ending) and after the show, free boxes of tiramisu and lollipops! It is like no movie theater experience I grew up with and with the back drop of lake luzern, and palm-trees strung with little white lights, It felt like a special occasion (perfect for a Date-Night, or in our case- Girls Night!).

open air

Our movie ran 142 minutes (plus intermission~(an abrupt stopping of the movie at about mid-way)) and didn’t start until 9:30, so after walking to the car, and dropping off friends, I did not get home until 1:00 am, I felt like a real (tired) party animal, especially the next morning! But, I wouldn’t have missed it for anything!

Next Sunday is the last show and it is in ENGLISH!!!


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Open Air Kino:

6005 Lucerne