Websters Chalk Paint Powder GIVEAWAY day 4

shoe cabinet finished2.moxiblog.com

I hate that I got the first coat of paint on the cabinet before taking a photo. I quickly snapped a shot so you could at least see what it looks like with one coat. I mentioned in previous post, that I thought one of the downsides to the product was the coverage. I also think that it might be the Swiss paint I am using. This photo clearly shows you the coverage of one coat, so if your first coat looks about this transparent, let me know.

Then this morning I strolled through the thrift shop and there was an exact match for sale at 30 chf! Score- I snapped a shot.

one coat

I think the Websters product is perfect for heavily distressed pieces because, if the paint scratches then it is less noticeable. It also works good on dressers or cupbords, things that might get less use than say, chairs or kitchen cabinets. I think all the carving details also make this piece a great candidate for dark wax and heavy distressing because it really makes all that carving and detail stand out. Today you have another chance to win a sample of Websters Chalk Paint powder. Today’s shoe cabinet I heavily distressed and even used dark wax on it to give it an old antique patina. Tutorials on wax technique can be found here at Blue Egg Brown Nest.  Because of one of your great questions and comments this week, I learned that technique glazes, like Ralph Laurens “tea stained”, work really well to seal the piece and give it some “age”.

shoe cabinet open.moxiblog.com

  • I loved this piece because of the cool swinging door storage.
  • I loved this piece because it was FREE!
  • I love this piece because it is only 13.5 inches deep, so it doesn’t take up much space in a little flat and I put it in the hall outside of our bedroom.

I did all 3 of this weeks paint project with 2 cups of Latex paint mixed with Websters Chalk Paint powder- yes that’s it! I am always amazed what a little paint will do to transform a piece of furniture into a whole new look. So what do you think, do you love the simpler painted furniture or the heavily distressed and waxed pieces better? Make sure to visit the Websters Chalk Paint Powder site and leave a comment in this post. I am selecting a new winner from each post and today is the LAST DAY! Tell me what you want to paint, give me a refinishing tip, or tell me you subscribed to the RSS feed! Friday winners will be randomly selected and I will contact you for your mailing address.
Good luck.