Alt Roomie Sursee’s

I am rooming with 2 total strangers for the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City this week. I wanted to share a little southern hospitality so I prepared a little welcome sursee.

  • Tiny notebook- I have heard to write everything down so that you dont forget any of the loads of info you will hear at ALT Summit
  • Some Charleston Pecan Pralines to snack on (I am allergic to pecans but I am told these are DEE-LISH).
  • A bag of Chaleston Grits – many people living outside of the south east have never had this famous staple of southern cuisine.
  • Lastly, I wanted to give them something really special and homemade. I decided to make them a postcard to send home to themself’s each day. On the front side it reads “we met at ALT” and the backsides read different one liners to tune of “Dear Self, I wanted to write you so that I will remember how I felt right now…”
    My roommates will simply write just a quick line or two and leave the card at the front desk -the postage stamps are already affixed and ready to mail home. (I told my mom and she tear-ed up, just the reaction I am hoping for! )

I loved the postcard idea so much I made a few extra for myself and a few to pass out at ALT.