The End of A Perfect Day on Blueberry Hill

sofaAfter my last post aka pity-party, I brushed my self off and got to work on a Christmas commission! YAY proof the people like my work and trust me with their special occasions. I started with some photos of my clients favorite place, she hikes there every year on her birthday and picks fresh wild blue berries and eats a picnic on the rocks jetting out into the lake. It sounds like a children story doesn’t it?!


I did a few color sketches for composition and then we made it a reality.



{"focusMode":0,"deviceTilt":-0.0009449283268789799,"whiteBalanceProgram":0,"macroEnabled":false,"qualityMode":3}Wouldn’t it look beautiful just about anyplace?


bedroom nuetral

secrataryIf you are in the market for a christmas commission, I will be happy to provide you a free consultation and a gift certificate. Commission prices usually run about 30% more than other original works.