Steph Burnette’s Summer Tomato Stacks

tomoato stack 2


When Coco was born I was well fed for months. I felt loved. I have so many dear friends in Greenville South Carolina. Sometimes I can’t help wishing we were still there wrapped up in the love and support. Instead I re-cook this comfort food and remember those delicious casseroles made by those dear friends.

Stephanie is a food writer, good cook and teaches culinary classes, I’m just happy she shared this recipe with me.
6 Ripe Tomatoes
3 Summer Squash (I cant get these lovelies in swtizerland so I made the one pictured above with JUST zucchini).
3 Zucchini
3 Medium Sweet Onions
3 T of sugar
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper
Handful of Basil Leaves
Core the tomatoes and cut into thick slices. Salt the tomatoes a bit more than usual. Slice
the squash into thin slices and coat with olive oil. Slice the onions into ribbons.
I start cooking my onions down right away. To caramelize 3 medium onions it will take
about 40 minutes, but they only need a stir once or twice so you’re not really babysitting
them. Start the onions on medium and when they start to look translucent, add 3 T of
sugar, stir and let saute on low until they are completely caramelized.
Grill or pan fry the squash and zucchini over medium heat until it’s tender and has good
marks. Immediately set aside on a plate and pepper.
In a pyrex dish pour a bit of Olive Oil in the bottom. Layer tomato, squash, tomato,
onions, basil, tomato. Splash Balsamic Vinegar over each tomato and then top each one
with Olive Oil. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit on your counter until dinner.