September is hiking season

This weekend after the cow parade we headed up into the mountains. We drove to Engleburg (Angel town) – a neighboring village about 20 minutes up through one of the prettiest little Swiss valleys. We took a lift up to Trubsee and walked around a little mountain lake for the rest of the afternoon. The lift was not as high off the ground as some I have encountered, and the cable cars are small, just big enough for a family. They run continuously so you never have to wait.

lift to trubsee

The weather was cool enough for a jacket but in the sunshine was perfect!

beautiful trubseeOnce you are at Trubsee you might decide to borrow a little row-boat they have waiting for visitors to enjoy. Or perhaps you might like to have a authentic Swiss meal of sausages and rostiis at the strategically placed restaurant. We took the wanderweg path around the lake, found the perfect spot for a picnic and took lots of photos. Does it get any better?!

cute family

gabe and soph

glorious sunshine

beautiful view

looking at engleburg

At this ridge we climbed up to get a view of Engleburg below. And because there are no fences or guard rails I decided to walk back down to the path with Coco, who makes me a little worried sometimes. But Axel announced that he and dad would be continuing up the ridge and would begin the “man hike” portion of the trail. We met back up with them on the other side of the ridge about a half hour later. I was so happy to have the peaceful time with Coco. She is quite and content holding my hand and walking in silence unless she is singing one of here “German-French- Japanese songs” which I almost love just as much.

begin man hike

man hike coming down to path across meadow


so clear you can see bottomSee the little boats? The water is so clear you can see right to the bottom.

too mush sunrays but still amazing

beautiful trubseetripticphoto’s do not possibly represent how big and majestic these mountains are. It is such a reward to just rest and contemplate how wonderfully small and insignificant we are in this place. It helps put some of my worrying into perspective.

views at trubsee

views to trubsee

going back down

loving kidsI think being here, with-out as many friends will force them to be closer siblings, and best of friends.

yes I am still hereOh yeah, I was hiking too, but someone has to be behind the camera, at least until I learn to set a timer and hike with the tripod.

If you come visit I will take you here, its worth the trip.