wedding stationary gone digital

V+J . Save the Date from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.

As a print designer I love paper and graphic design. I love the feel, the smell, I could almost eat it. It’s part of why I loved working at sideshow press  letterpress company back in Charleston SC. That said, don’t you just love video invites and save the date’s? They are awesome! I have seen beautiful recordings of engagements and weddings, but check out this adorable couple and their save-the-date. (Yes that’s my beautiful niece pixie).

Italian Inspiration // 2013 from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.

I couldn’t help showing this Italian wedding video, così romantico.

This particular artist, Nathan Pickett, does a great job with these videos, but not only does he do poignant engagement videos and digital invites but also does really sweet mothers day cards! This will make you love him even more.

Happy Mother’s Day Sweetheart from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.

a slice of invite from Jodi Miller on Vimeo.

Here is just one more cute example from an artist named Jodi Miller.

Is a digital invite worth considering? In this digital era and with the digital generation and mobile lifestyles it seems like an email invitation or announcement would be a good way of reaching your friends and family. I know my address changed 6 times in the last 18 months!  What do you think?