Webster Chalk paint powder day 2 GIVEAWAY!

finished dresser_1

Yesterday I featured the dresser/vanity in Coco’s room. Eventually I will get around to showing you an entire tour of our little flat, and the reason why this dresser is not distressed will seem obvious, but once I was done painting it seemed so boring. Today I want to share with you the detail painting on the dresser – the monogram. I used a little of the Webster Chalk Paint Powder mix (2 tbls. Websters Powder, 1 tbls. water mix and add to 1 cup latex paint), and added just a little red acrylic paint I had in my art box. I did a quick search for a monogram typeface on the internet and found this, you can download it for free! I went on Graphics Fairy site and found a wreath of leaves and put the image together in my graphics software. I printed it at the size I liked for the drawer.

sophias dresser transfer closeup

I colored the back of the paper with a pencil, taped it into place and started tracing.

transfer closeup-peel back.moxiblog.comYou can see from the image above how the pencil transfers onto the drawer. This transfer method is quick and easy for me, especially here in Switzerland where I am VERY limited on equipment like overhead projectors and specialty transfer paper products. It works great, is fast and cheap, but the graphite does not wipe off easily and it does show through the paint a little if you do not cover it really well. I actually prefer my overhead projector for a job like this:(.

monogram round one finishedNext with a tiny little paintbrush I began applying the color and shading and it just got more and more carried away. I wish I had a photo of the whole dresser to compare it, but I instantly knew that the design and style was just too much and too small and overworked for this utilitarian piece of furniture. SO I painted over it again and the next day I started over.

monogram round two

I increased the size of the monogram, and removed all the wreath graphics, then I printed, penciled in the backside, taped it on and traced it. After I traced I mixed more paint (there was plenty of white left) and I used my smallest detail brush to paint the monogram. I dont think you have to be artistic at all for the monogram, just trace the lines and fill it in.

final monogram detail

If you look closely you will see it’s not PERFECT, and is definitely hand painted, but when you see it as a whole it looks great. When we get ready to leave and I sell all the furniture in the flat, it will be simple to paint over or to add the new lucky child’s monogram!

Coco before and after dress.moxiblog.comer

Now for the GIVE-AWAY INFO:

Do you have an old DIY project you have been wanting to try? Not sure about a big investment in time and money? This sample will make at least 2 cups of paint and I did all of this weeks projects with just 2 cups! It goes a long way. Make sure to visit the Websters Chalk Paint Powder site and leave a comment in this post. Tell me what you want to paint, give me a refinishing tip, or tell me you subscribed to the RSS feed! Friday winners will be randomly selected and I will contact you for your mailing address.
Good luck.