Blogiversary- friday roundup


image: our lady of cupcakes

This week I celebrate 1 year of Blogging. I am happy to say that I have stayed with it. I am also happy to say that I finally decided to instal Google Analytics and Jetpack and a few other helpful computer-y tools that will help me understand if anyone is visiting this site, and what kinds of post are getting the most visits. For the first year I didn’t want to do that because I wanted to find out what I could do with out being influenced by what every one else is doing. Point is I am proud of what I have recorded and I am always over-the-moon to get you comments and know you are following along. It makes me feel more connected with friends from home and also so excited to find someone has stumbled upon this site and is curious enough to stay for a few minutes.

So here’s my Friday link list, a few things I found inspiring and worth a repeat.

  • Agh… if only I was willing to pay 0ver $405 bucks for shoes
  • Is it time to start thinking about Christmas? A visit here, here, here, or here will put you in the mood.
  • How about 9 foods you think are not sugary? Surprise!
  • But why waist the sugar on a sandwich when you could eat this.
  • I could do better at this, could you? After all the divorce rate is over 50%.
  • Wow, why has it taken me 40 years to learn this?!
  • No matter what side of Obamacare your on, you might like to know this. It made me want to throw up, in my mouth!