valley near Engstlenalp Switzerland.moxiblog.comA few weeks ago, in a rush to hike before the snow came and hiking season ends, we spent the weekend at Tannalp. To do this you go to the lift up to Melchsee-frutt in Kantone Obwalden, then you walk for about an hour the rest of the way (unless you have tired kids, then plan for 3). There is a kiddie train that takes passengers for a fee, but we came to hike so no cute little musical train ride for us!

cow parade panelsOh yeah, on the way to the lift, we ran into a cow parade, these cows were coming down from the mountain and headed to Kerns to march down the street and have every one cheer while they walk to the barn and to eat hay all winter, it’s hard work but somebody’s got to do it. Every time we passed a small herd we pulled over and enjoyed our own personal parade. It doubled our drive time, but the view was amazing!

the whole family!Here we are, on our walk to Tannalp, check out the backpacks, they are on all of our backs- they contain all our stuff for the weekend, we are almost just like real backpackers only we aren’t carrying food, tents, or sleeping bags.

walk to tannalp

a little blue sky


where we are goin 2better

wood pile

swiss window box

swiss flowers purple

flowers in braid

fall color grows on rocksThis is the fall color. It grows on rocks everywhere. Weird little plants but cool.

fall colorThere’s not a lot of fall color around here, most of the trees at this elevation are conifers. But what we saw was lovely.

tannalp room 2Here’s a shot of our room at Tannalp. The kids loved all the bunk-beds. I should tell you it was an awesome time. The cost was great- for Switzerland. It included dinner (roast beef, potatoes, red cabbage, dessert) and Breakfast ( fruit, cheese, meat, bread, typical Continental breakfast) Bunk-beds in a private room, and even though the bathrooms and showers were shared it was cool, kinda like camping, only with out the hassle, and with hot showers, and well… actually not really like camping at all. All this for about 75 chf adults and 35 chf for kids.

waterfallThis is the hotel at Engstlenalp, It looks nice from the outside. I imagine it’s posher and more expensive than what we were looking for but the location is IDEAL!

we hiked here. englestalp- theres a hotel



farm house in mountainsOccasionally on our hikes in the mountains around here you run across the summer alp farm homes and barns. I am so curious to see what they are like on the inside. SO Hello SWISS FARMERS- Feel Free to Comment up an INVITE! I’ll be happy to hike up for tea.

family minus me

cute heart doorIsn’t this door to die for- I think I want to build a barn for my horses someday (because someday I will have horses) and when I do I am going to cut out a little heart on the door.

flower and cow poopBet you can’t guess what this is all about? I hope I can remember this forever. Its a cow-pie. It’s the prettiest little purple flower – the only one in the field- growing right next to it -probably because of it. I hope with all the crap I put up with, that I will bloom too.

best crossOK, this is one of my favorite images. On nearly all the mountain tops you will find wooden crosses. It is a sweet tradition. I can’t help but feel in awe of the whole scene.

englseeenglstalpsee_I couldn’t love these kids more than while stopping for a break. They wanted to pull out their BOOKS! Books people- I have little readers, who when choosing what they were going to have to carry on their backs for 2 days- chose to bring books. AND to quietly – QUIETLY ( I almost never get to use that word when describing them- especially simultaneously)  read when we are sitting in this beautiful big open space way up in the alps of Central Switzerland. I could have sat here for hours, but it started to sprinkle, so we put on our raincoats and walked in the rain for the next few hours. We felt really tough by the time we got back to the Melchsee Frutt lift.

earned suckers- best break

love this all alone on top of world-RETOUCHSpeaking of the lift, check out the fog in the photo below. We are above the fog, as we descend from the mountain in the lift we enter the fog and rain and it was really cool to be above the clouds.

above the fog looking down at cable cars in fogNext time I want to hike all the way to Engleberg – check out the 4 lakes hike.

axel is fall color

i try to remember he is 8I try to remember he is only 8.

me all doneFinally, just to prove I was there I am including this photo. Just remember I am 40, I have been hiking for 2 days, and I practically camped last night. Photos like this remind me that I am not in my 20’s anymore and maybe I really need to get some expensive wrinkle cream. But for the price of wrinkle cream I would rather be hiking for the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Tannalp

  1. Gorg!!! Gorg!!! Gorgeous!!! Can’t believe how beautiful your pictures are and how well behaved your children look reading in the mountains- holy cow. Love the pic of the wood cross- pinned it to my iphoto. Amazing.

  2. Hollee I LOVE your blog posts, I miss you all the time and think of you almost daily. I love your smile lines and your family is amazing. I miss Switzerland and the beauty there. I wish you so much love and keep sharing 🙂

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