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Can you believe it’s just 2 weeks until Thanksgiving? Just 13 days ago I was musing about simple holidays- HA! Even then, I knew that it would be unlikely. I quickly found out that while eliminating Halloween and Thanksgiving (both of which will will still observe) the Swiss added a few extra parades and turnip carving and Samichlauss day to my calendar (more on him later- a sort of minor relative of the more well known Santa Clause- see image above). I am finding out almost daily what parental responsibilities I must attend to in order for our families properly integrated participation to be successful- including memorization of an 8 stanza poem in German to be presented to Samichlauss when he makes a personal visit to our home (the joys of living in a small village). Not to mention the homemade Birthday treat Cinnamon rolls delivered hot to Axel’s class by 9:25 am- Punktlicht is very important here in Switzerland- but do you know what time I had to get up to make the deadline?! It was ungodly people!!!

At any rate we just couldn’t imagine Thanksgiving being skimmed over with only a 1 hour lunch to scarf down a 10 lb turkey. With no other choice we are celebrating on Saturday afternoon and have invited a handful of international friends to enjoy our good-ole-American feast! An Austrian, some Polish, an Indonesian, a Swiss, and then a few Americans- It should be fun!

Here is some inspiring reading link-love for the weekend:

  1. I am getting rather tired of these numbered summaries- especially when the list is longer than 3- makes me feel like I am failing and getting really far behind. This one was different– I actually do several of these things (18 is a long list though) and so should you!
  2. Having just gone through the whole haircut thing- I wished badly I had handled it like this reporter did!
  3. Believe it or not fresh corn is hard to come-by this time of year in Switzerland- and Monterey jack- fagedabowdit! But I really want to make this for Thanksgiving.
  4. I would look great in this sweater from title 9! Should I get brown or blue- really! Comment please-I need help deciding!
  5. Talk about advent calendars stepping it up a notch…. this one for Coco and this one for Axel Rock! I think I could make my kids unload the dishwasher before breakfast to open up todays number!
  6. Did you know that Anthropologie also has a Anthropologie Great Britian? And they have some exclusive stuff check out this– to dye for!


3 thoughts on “TGIF roundup

  1. I like the 18 list too..I read it a couple of days ago on FB…I especially like the handwritten letters….those are cherished when I get them. I think it is a lost art, for real!

    The haircut clip: HILARIOUS! It was so funny that I had to stop and post it to FB! My favorite part….when he asked her when did she realize that she had done something bad…when I was finished and I said UhOhhh and something like thats bad…she made a little noise…so funny! Thanks for sharing. I needed a good laugh to start the day!
    The sweater…hard choice..I live brown, but I’m thinking blue b/c I think it will make your eyes pop. (You have beautiful blue eyes naturally…but I’m thinking blue brings it out more??? I don’t know..just get both! Lol)

    Okay, and every time I read your post I SOOO want to live in a small quaint village like yours! I love all the tradition…can’t wait to read about the Santa Claus…sorry can’t remember the name and if I go back I still won’t spell it right, but you know what I mean. Lol

    Did you make the cinnamon roll recipe I sent you? If so, did you like them…did Axel like them? I hope so! They are a favorite around here b/c they come out so BIG, light and fluffy and then the brown sugar makes them even more yummy. I vowed that I was not going to make them for a while b/c I’m trying to be healthy, but this post may just break me! 😉

    Love your blog and I wish I could be at your Thanksgiving Feast! Sounds delightful! Hugs!

    • We loved the cinnamon roll recipe!!! We tried 2 – the other had yogurt?!? I was curious to see how they compared. Yours was faster to make- rose better and tasted Awesome!!!!
      I ordered the sweater in brown… I figured it would match more stuff- hope its not too boring but I loved them both!!!
      THanks for reading!!!

  2. Yay!!! I’m so glad the cinnamon rolls turned out for you! I like that recipe b/c compared to most recipes this one is so much quicker and easy.
    I think you made a good choice with brown. It is more versatile and I know either way you are what makes the sweater beautiful!

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