Things to love and hate about Switzerland


This guys YouTube videos are dead on. He seems to really understand the destinations.

As I live in Lucerne area and do not have to be a tourist here, I know where to take my kids and what to do with them. I actually think there is a lot of kid friendly activities, most of them involve getting out into nature.  I find the suburbs in general to be more Kid Friendly everywhere in the world verses the hustle and bustle of Urban Areas, that said some of the negative aspects of Switzerland (cost and lack of kid friendli-ness) can be avoided, offset, or compensated for if you have a friend to tour you around!

When will you come visit? September is my favorite time of year here!

3 thoughts on “Things to love and hate about Switzerland

  1. I WISH I could come and visit you! I hate that I don’t have the money (and that the girls school schedule keeps us from doing so). I loved watching the video. Really interesting.

  2. lol, he really is spot on! I’m so glad he mentioned the bad service as annoyance #2 because that’s probably what bothers me the MOST here 😉 awesome post!

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