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first day

Coco want’s to be a princess with a real castle when she grows up. She wants to be a mommy, and this morning she said she would also work as a doctor, but tomorrow it will probably be a nail tech, just depends on her mood- she gets that from me:)

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Coco loves all things pink and purple, she loves art and craft projects and playing dress up.


IMG_0268She loves taking walks to get Gabriel at school and picking flowers. She has next years birthday parties planned already and expects a big crowd for the one here and for the party she is having at the states- at the airport- the minute we land on US soil. We are hoping to go back next summer and will likely fly home the day before her birthday so there isn’t a moment to spare, let the celebrating begin! (She also gets that from me).


beach day in france 2013

Coco desperately wants long hair and is so patient in growing it out (that did not come from me!). She refuses to let me cut it. There are still short little pieces around her face that have never grown more than a few inches, but now that she is a big girl and can brush her teeth, put away silverware and dress herself (mostly), I am sure her thin curly hair will start to grow too.

sophia at pool

kisses for icecream


Coco dreams of taking a ballet class. Before we left Charleston last year I managed to delay enrollment and made promise after promise of dancing in Switzerland, but a few weeks ago we finally received the local ballet school schedule and sadly we have afternoon spiel gruppe the same time as the 4 year old ballet class. My hope is that she will be a quick learner and conquer German language skills by midterm, allowing us to drop the speil gruppe and allow her to free up the afternoon for ballet. In the mean time she is taking a kinderfit class. It is the closest thing to gymnastics we could find locally, a cross between Gymboree and gymnastics. She has a great time dressing in her leo’s and legwarmers and in the dance portion she practices “ballet” so it all works out.

juicy cherries

eating bannana

Coco loves avocados, black beans, and misses our favorite Mexican restaurant back home- Papas and Beer. She is very independent when it comes to cleaning her room and doing jobs, meaning she wants to decide when and how they are done/ or not done mostly. This does not make parenting easy. We are working on it.


in red

Coco loves to sing and insist she can speak/sing in at least 4 languages, her favorite is of course is English, then German, then french, and occasionally Japanese. She knows that I can not speak the latter 3 with any proficiency so she figures I don’t know any better, or maybe she really believes that the words she makes up are truly different languages. Luckily we have a better idea for her language integration- enter spiel gruppe.

in flower field

Coco has an intensive spiel gruppe schedule this year. Spiel gruppe is “play gruppe” it is sort of like a mothers morning out back home. Not a curriculum oriented preschool (that does not seem to exist in Kantone Nidwalden). We feel some pressure from the local school to have her learning German, however we have found no children’s language classes for her age locally, so as recommended we have enrolled her in as many spiel gruppe classes as I could find. She attends 4 two hour classes per week and a fifth “farm/nature” class on the mountain. Our hope is that with 10-12 hours a week of exposure to German language some of it is bound to rub off?! The first 2 spiel gruppe classes started this week. She has been so excited and anticipating starting all summer. We live across the street from one of the groups so everyday we pass by and when the lights are on and teachers are there working she always wants to go inside and play. On Monday after her class I eagerly asked questions and could tell that the day had not lived up to expectations. She has a new teacher and new classmates from last school year. When we first moved here the school was able to fit her in on Friday afternoons for 2 months. I was shocked to learn that 3 other little girls in class spoke English. The lords tender mercies I realized. This year no one is speaking English. She said they had to do work all morning and read a “parent” story. I thing they must have read something in German so she didn’t understand and that means it was a parent book? Fingers crossed that brain of hers will start to soak it all up and she will begin loving it because next week we add in 7 more hours of classes!

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  1. I’ve tried calling several times with viber with no luck…

    I’ve also emailed you a time or two with a similar lack of results.

    What’s up? Any idea of how I can reach you via viber?

    -Your brother

  2. When Ryan entered K5, a little girl named Maria started the year not even knowing “Hello” in English. By the end of the year, she was fairly fluent. Kids learn quickly & I am sure Coco is no exception. Good luck on everything – she is lovely!!

  3. I agree with your friend above. Kids learn much quicker than adults especially when they are put right in the middle of it. Both of my girls have had kids who could not speak English in their classes and they quickly pick it up. Also, does she have any favorite Disney movies or other shows/books that she knows by heart and can listen to them in German. That way she already knows the story but can hear it told in German? One of my best friends here is from the Dominican Republic and she taught herself English (which she can read and speak well now) as an adult! She started by watching kids shows in English and she also put the TV so she could see the words on the screen. You may already be doing this, but just a thought, if not! I know she’ll do great! Btw, she is adorable! Oh and Ariel will be in her 3rd year of German this year and they are only allowed to speak German in class. She’s excited b/c she knows being immersed in it will be a huge help.

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