Turning 40- part II

Part II-

  • Spartacus came home early.
  • We went to the nearest restaurant to our house- Carabas- it was surprisingly delicious.
  • Boo gave me a homemade birthday card he had artistically rendered- complete with a personalized song. It made me cry.
  • Coco did not throw any tantrums during dinner.
  • We left the kids with a babysitter- I did not have to struggle through a bed time routine.
  • Spartacus decided to get a massage too.
  • We were so relaxed that we decided to hit the movies rather than a brisk walk on the beach.
  • This Is 40 isn’t showing until Dec. 21.
  • We saw 007 Skyfall- we traded birthday “picks” and Spartacus got to pick.
  • It was so wonderful we are repeating the plan for his birthday on the 21st of December- only I get to pick the movie- This Is 40.
  • Spartacus must have felt a little guilty, he promised a second birthday when we go on a tropical vacation in a few months- and he doesn’t ever read my blog- or my mind (most of the time).
  • I have soooo much to be thankful for and am truly spoiled!



4 thoughts on “Turning 40- part II

  1. I was just thinking the other day about what a good blog writer you were (and are) & that I was going to encourage you to write again. Haha. Happy to know that you are here & excited to see your adventures in the land far far away.

    • I feel like I have so many ideas but not enough time! Plus I don’t feel like such a great writer- but having nice comments on my blog is sure motivating!!! Thank you.

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