Veal Stock might sound boring until you spend 16 hours with it

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Veal stock may not be something that people will comment on or read about. I want this recipe in my archive so today’s post is all about my 16 hour day with a pile of veg, some cow feet, and a pot of water~ sounds riveting, I know. Just pin for future reference.

I have never bought veal stock from a store, I am sure there are high quality products available in specialty gourmet stores, I have never seen any in my mid-sized Southern towns. In fact veal is a little elusive. But the young calf’s bones yield more collagen and thus a far superior stock than do regular beef bones. So once a year if I am lucky enough to find the bones I make my own. Here in Switzerland Slow food is the ONLY way to go. You wont find cans of stock at the supermarket. But even better, you will find a good variety of soup bones. I guess they know how to make a good pot of hot soup in these parts. Good stock gives the recipe a better taste yes, but for certain recipes, like Veal Marsala, I think it gives it more body, a slightly different consistency to the sauce, a richer, heartier, and tastier end result. So if you are paying for veal, better to make your own veal stock.

Veal Stock is easy to make but must be thought about in advance (12-16 hours in advance). I freeze it in 1/2 cup portions for use in Risotto, Marsala, and of course French Onion Soup.


8 slices or more of Veal bones, knuckles & joints

3 Carrots; coarsely chopped

3 onions; coarsely chopped

3 leeks; coarsely chopped

6 celery; coarsely chopped

1 bunch parsley

6 Bay leaves

1 bunch Thyme

2 Bulbs garlic; cut in half crosswise

2cans tomato paste (6 oz. size)

Water as needed

Preheat oven to 400 F. Don’t worry about peeling veggies since everything will be strained out in the end.

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On a flat baking sheet place the veal bones, and all the veggies and roast them for 30-45 minutes until browned a little. Remove the bones and try to smear the tomato paste all over the veggies, some will be browned like the parsley and the leaves of the celery. Return the veggies to the hot oven for another 30 minutes or more. The tomato paste and veggies will start looking dark brown- don’t worry you are concentrating flavors. After they are finished they will likely look pretty dark, and you might even think they look burnt and yucky, but have faith.

In a large stock pot add bones and veggies and enough water to cover them. Bring liquid to a boil. skim foam that appears on top. Simmer ingredients for 12-16 hours or until liquid reduces to half. Strain the stock well and voila!

yucky looking leftoversThis mushy brown stuff is whats leftover after you strain it- it still smells good enough to eat.

The smell is heaven for a cold tired family returning from a long day of work and school, so make sure you do something good for dinner or the smell is torture.

3 thoughts on “Veal Stock might sound boring until you spend 16 hours with it

  1. Thanks Hollee,
    Who knew you were such a Chef! This is a wonderful post….I think I need to try this. Maybe I could find the Veal at Ted’s butcher shop in Downtown Charleston? Thanks you! Brenda

  2. I always LOVE to make my own soup stock! Much better than anything you can ever buy! I’ve never made veal stock, but your post makes me tempted to give it a whirl.

    • Look for veal bones (especially joints they have they render the most collagen) at a butcher shop. They may give them to you for free?

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