Sunday we took a wanderwegg- A wonder way is a just a way that you wander for a while. We walked out our door, up the street, up the mountain and along the lake.

Of course we saw gnome’s, we are in Switzerland!


Even when you are just out to wander, the Swiss try and organize it for you. Here is an example of a sign we passed that gives us lots of choices, and keeps us Pünktliche ~ punctual.

We have decided that if it’s not raining than we had better get outside and enjoy the weather. I am sure we will continue to lower our standards, but we are still holding out hope that blue skies and sunshine will make a regular appearance this summer.

This is a tiny little chapel we pass along the way- St. Jost.

Here is a peek inside- beautiful right?! It couldn’t possibly seat more than 20 people.


Look what we stumbled upon! A US post box, I wonder if I put one of these up I will get mail from the US?!

Lily of the Valley is just so beautiful, little tiny white bells, so few tiny blossoms for all those leaves. And they are pünktliche- always blooming around the first of May regardless of a late spring.

Do you see the cute bells hanging around their necks?

And here’s me, I threw this in just so you knew I was really here. Yes I need to get my hair colored- do you see those silver temples?! I could use an eyebrow wax while I am at it. For now, just look into my eyes and know that I am writing to you. If there is a big adventure you’ve been dreaming of, get started! Find a way, wander down it or run toward it, don’t procrastinate! Live the life you have imagined!

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  1. Thanks for the pictures! I would live to walk those streets, but I doubt I ever will get to, so, I’m grateful for your pictures…absolutely beautiful!

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