Webster Chalk Paint Powder winners announced and Friday Roundup

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I thought it would be fun to just announce winners and do a Friday round up of STUFF this week.

Thanks for your comments this week, it is so fun to hear feedback and discover when someone is actually reading these post! So here is the winners:

  1. Monday: Jana
  2. Tuesday: Madna
  3. Wednesday: Jeannie
  4. Thursday: Brenda

I will contact ya’ll over the weekend for your mailing address!

And now here’s the round-up of impressionable stuff for the week:

  • Wow this is supper unsettling, a little terrifying and selfishly I am disappointed to have to give up our traditional Crab-leg Christmas Feast.
  •  Feeling the weather cool just a little instantly puts me in the mood for Glamping! What Glamping? Here’s everything you need to know.
  •  I found this on Pinterest- it just might change my life, or at least I will save $ on waisted avocados.
  • Cooler weather makes me want to shop for a new wardrobe. I am dying of this jacket- wish I could buy for Coco. Oilily always has to-die-for fashions in happy colors.
  • Discovered the brand Blutgswester at a little boutique in the city- German Genius, love the color, love the coordinating separates.
  • Getting ready for soup weather
  • I made this for the first time last September~ it is delicious!
  • What about the image above? I wish I could buy it for our bedroom, I miss the ocean. I think I will just have to paint one for myself.

Enjoy your weekend and come back monday. xo

One thought on “Webster Chalk Paint Powder winners announced and Friday Roundup

  1. I never win anything so that in itself is amazing and wonderful after the horrific past few months our family has endured. Thank you for your kindness it means so much. As someone who follows your work but obviously cannot think coherently to put 2+2 together, I did not realize you are in Switzerland! How awesome, but I know how high shipping is and I honestly do not want you to take $ out of your own pocket. Keep the gift/prize and pass it on to someone local, for me! A random act of kindness, if you will. I just wouldn’t feel right about you using your investment money on someone out of your area. You choose products to sell in order to make money not give it away! :)) All the same your kindness is a wonderful gift! Thank you for brightening my weekend! You’re one awesome gal! <3


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