Websters Chalk Paint Powder GIVEAWAY day 3

For the 3rd day in a row I have sample packet of Websters Chalk Paint Powder up for grabs!

Make sure to visit the Websters Chalk Paint Powder site and leave a comment in this post. Tell me you subscribed to the RSS feed! Friday all weeks winners will be randomly selected and announced~ I will contact you for your mailing address.
Good luck.

bath cabinet befor.after.moxiblog.com

This project is another great example of how just a little paint and some inexpensive hardware can totally transform a piece of furniture. I think I lightened up this photo a little because it was very dark but the piece is a little brighter and more saturated in “real life”. I purchased this cast off from an expat family who were leaving Switzerland this summer. I paid less than 30chf for it. I loved the storage potential but didn’t know immediately where I would put it. Once we got it home I scooted it around a few different spots and then was delighted to find that if fit in the big empty bathroom.

bathroom~double vanity

I’m not a high-maintenance, loads-of-cosmetics, type-of-girl, so I didn’t consider the need for more bathroom storage, however the space presented itself and I use the cabinet to store paint supplies, craft supplies and office supplies. This bathroom is home to the tub so lots of moisture from showers and condensation aren’t an issue.

bathroom~tub room2

The bathroom is completely white and grey, modern, clean but sterile. I love the pop of color (my favorite)
that the aquamarine cabinet provides.

final in bath.moxiblog.com

I still had some of the mixed Websters Chalk Paint Powder left from the 2 previous projects – yes people it really doesn’t take that much paint to make something look new, different, and incredible. I went to our local “hardware” store and bought a tiny bottle of colorant that is used with the latex product and I carefully tinted the paint until I reached the perfect shade of aquamarine. EASY-PEEZY. You can do it too! And you can get custom color mixed at almost any place in the states that sells paint.

After a few coats (chalk paint dries really fast) I was ready for new hardware. Off to Ikea to get some inexpensive knobs. I was dreaming of something like shabby chic crystal knobs, but I found these, brought them home and feel that I accidentally made the exact right choice. The modernity ties it together with the rest of the bathroom, as does the clean paint job. I took an old distressed rustic style cabinet and made it fresh, bright, and modern.

6 thoughts on “Websters Chalk Paint Powder GIVEAWAY day 3

  1. Just tried Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder for the first time today and I am in LOVE!!!! Wonderful results!! I am now in the process of distressing my table and I have a question: Can I use Ralph Lauren Technique Glaze over the chalk paint???
    BTW, your finished pieces of furniture is gorgeous!!!! Just getting started painting and love all the great ideas and colors!!! Thanks!! Would love to win the WCPP!!

  2. THANKS JEANNIE! I have read A LOT about chalk paint…. I have done a few projects and find that the answer is … I think so.
    Annie Sloan products are really really good. I think the way they cure and the wax formulation works perfectly together- having said that I have read that some people still recommend a top coat of a clear polyurethane type product in cases where there is heavy use and handling- like kitchen chairs.
    With the Websters brand that I used I feel certain that a coat of polyurethane on the top would be a great benefit to sealing everything up nicely. I don”t know what “technique” you are trying to employ but I believe that the glaze will not react in a bad way with the chalk paint- I mean chemically. I checked with Nicole at Websters Chalk Paint Powder and here’s what she said “Glazes work beautifully with chalk paint. I’ve recently used Ralph Laurens “Tea Stained” and it turned out great”!
    Hope this helps and thanks for reading – good luck I would love to see your finished piece.

    • Thank you sooooo much for your reply and help!!! Great, the Ralph Lauren TeaStained is what I was planning to use!!!! Will post pics, that is if it turns out as I had hoped….lol!!

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