Why are Kids Crafts so Intimidating & Why You Should Conquer Your Fears


nutella strawberry sandwich

Strawberry Nutella sandwiches with strawberry smoothies are the perfect healthy lunch to inspire killer Valentine masterpieces!

Kids crafts intimidating you ask?

1. Once, after a few hours of Easter egg dying with the children, my wise friend gently reminded me that the experience was about the process not the outcome. Being a artsy-crafty-perfectionist I struggle with kids crafts because I think I focus too much on the outcome- trying to teach them how to do it right, not exercising enough restraint to allow them the creative experimentation. I want to raise creative children but I am a bit of a control freak- its hard.

2. I don’t like messes- which pretty much makes me unfit for motherhood. Enough said.

heart toilet roll craft

Spartacus worked on Saturday in an effort to try and recover some of our losses due to the new found ski hobby that seems to have been contracted by everyone in the family but me. I stayed home all morning making valentines to send to grandparents and cousins back in the states. Of course they will never arrive on time but getting anything in the mailbox besides bills is a welcome surprise- no matter when it comes.

glitter paperI reached for the holy trinity of mess making, paint, glitter, and glue. I also gathered up a few weeks worth of spiel gruppe crafts and began deconstructing them into pieces that can act as Valentine embellishments. This offers a win-win solution for me because Coco begs not to part with a single sheet of paper unless she believes them to be gifted away to her admirers. And so I will send happy Valentine salutations embellished with original artwork. Axel spent some time creating multi-colored glitter layered cards as well as hysterical potty-talk-filled-mad-lib-Valentines.

sophia makes crafts 2

You may have notice that both the kids are wearing plastic long sleeve smocks and we have matching plastic craft tablecloth- thank you Santa Clause. I am still cleaning up glitter, but I feel like mother of the year! The kids love days like this, and I remember my own mother spending many days crafting, painting, and cooking with us so I know these days are worth the work.

valentine cardsLook at these sparkly treasures, I think they look adorable even if they aren’t my designs. Happy Valentines week- Enjoy The Process!


2 thoughts on “Why are Kids Crafts so Intimidating & Why You Should Conquer Your Fears

  1. I too am a control freak and hate messes…so you are not alone. My poor girls love being crafty, but unfortunately, they got me as their crazy mom. I have rules for everything. 🙁 I have tried to get better over the years especially now that the girls have gotten older and need to learn to cook. A few weeks ago Cecily made cupcakes and begged me to let her do them all by herself (she is surely old enough, right?). So I did. I came in half way through to see her trying to scoop all the batter from the cupcake wrappers that were in the tins back into the bowl she had mixed the batter in. When I asked her what in the world are you doing, she nonchalantly told me she forgot to add the oil! Lol…at least she realized it, I guess!

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