Windmills and Friday Links


No week of posting about Amsterdam would be complete with out a few Windmill photos.


Even the modern ones are beautiful to me.

lots of modern windmils too

I can’t wait to carve out a week or 2 one summer for a relaxing trip to the Netherlands, because doesn’t this place just scream.. SLOW DOWN!?

This weekend we will do some long walks, and bikerides which is really one of my favorite things to do on the weekend, especially after a long busy week : Axel spranged his wrist and is almost helpless, Sparticus was in Germany for a aviation conference, everyone is suffering from a little hay fever and, well, we are all worn out from sunny days in the sandbox, & playground. We are still on the hunt for a different flat with no luck, but since we are traveling and outside playing so often lately I’m not obsessing about it as often. Fathers day is coming up and of course schools almost out in the states and we are counting down the last 4 weeks of school before we hop on a flight stateside for the summer. Here are a few inspired links to check out over the weekend:

  1. Heres a project I can relate to.
  2. These kids and their story made me cry.
  3. Here is a list of cute (except for the tie, its ugly, don’t make goofy ties) homemade Fathers Day gift ideas.
  4. Sorry, another list but look at the last one– I think we are so doing this!
  5. Here is a new-ish Ted talk about parenting anxiety- have you watched it? It might make you feel a little better.



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