Zucchini boats and other ways to get kids to eat things that don’t taste good.

Zucchini again! Today’s post was going to be another Zucchini recipe. Here’s what we made today.

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It looked adorable! Everyone was excited when I put it on the table. But once we started eating, it left us… not wanting more. I haven’t eaten zucchini boats for many years. I think it was the summer of 4th grade, we had a garden, there must have been a lot of zucchini, we ate a lot of zucchini boats. I never wanted to eat them again. I guess my parents didn’t want to either because I don’t remember ever eating them again, until today. SO no recipe to share but I thought I would share an idea…

By making the food interesting and fun I generated enough enthusiasm that everyone happily ate the meal. I remember when I was young, probably first grade my mom made a meal that I would now consider disgusting. Huckleberry fin rafts made of Toast with refried beans on it, a toothpick and an olive to “steer” the raft. Navigating the “swamp salad” – coleslaw, was no easy thing, it may have even had raisins in it. For a long time I thought this was my favorite food. I am sure my mom, who at the time had 4 young children and a husband that worked 24 hour shifts as a fireman, was out of groceries and didn’t want to drag us to the store. This crazy meal was a product of some serious genius and desperation. Funny enough we all loved it. My mom was so good at infusing creativity into our young impressionable life’s. She served Lady Godiva soup ( curly – cheap Raman noodles) and told us stories while we ate. It didn’t matter what it tasted like, we loved feeling like it was a special occasion dinner. I love that she thought us the classics while we did ordinary things like cook and eat. It was our home-school experience.

So today I was channeling my mom, and hoping the kids would eat up the zucchini boats, and it worked! Thanks to a terrific mom and one who seriously worked SO HARD, taking those extra steps, to teach us how to be creative too.

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  1. What a sweet tribute to your mom, and such a great idea! I wish I had this when Cecily was small…she won’t buy into now, but I love the story telling idea. She is a great mom, as are you! 🙂

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