Dear Switzerland, what is it with playground rules?! (rant)


I have received 3 pages of new/reminder rules for the neighborhood playground this week. Most people who live here probably read german and with in a minute or two can absorb the info and share it with their family, and implement what ever new and unusual procedures are being required this season. But not me, I don’t speak good enough german for this. I can tell you where I purchase my apples and what time I have german classes but I have no idea what most of the words on these papers are saying. However I get the gist, be quite, don’t play, clean up, etc. Doesn’t this just seem completely contrary to playgrounds? Shouldn’t we just LET THEM PLAY?! I mean if they are to be quite-and-still at school, and quite-and-still inside these little tiny apartments, and certainly quite-and-still in the hallways and laundry rooms and anywhere else “inside”, shouldn’t they just go outside and PLAY!?? REALLY! I know you have anal tendencies here, it is like DNA that has been passed on for generations, but really, do we have to have sooooo many playground rules? What if we let the kids just PLAY?! What if they got to wiggle and jump and run and draw with chalk and squirt water and dig in the dirt and do summersaults and pick the wildflowers and climb up the slide the wrong way and heaven freakin forbid jump on the trampoline in the rain (the horror!). Or even more import and how about we let them jump on the trampoline when they are actually home- at lunch- on break from school- the place they are supposed to be quite and still? Instead you dear Switzerland forbid them to make noise at lunch- really? Is that why your children are walking around with pacifiers till they are 5? Is it because they have to be quite every freak-in where, every freak-in day? Heaven Help me already- I have been trying to hold this in for a whole year! And by the way check out this TEDEX talk… it can apply to you too. Hello Pilatus, maybe trust you employees a little more to just get the work done and still be able to get on the internet outside of the timed lunch hour (seriously? they are grown professionals) and if you really have people abusing your trust- fire them.

One thought on “Dear Switzerland, what is it with playground rules?! (rant)

  1. Totally agree, and unfortunately in the U.S. , I feel like we are becoming more like this. You know kids don’t even get recess in our elementary schools here? Kindergartner’s get it one day a week…if the are good. They can’t talk at lunch, they can’t talk in the hallways…they can’t talk in P.E. (which is structured…no free play). And they wonder why kids are over weight…why they act up….LET THEM PLAY…let them be kids! Stop giving put ADHD medicine for children who just need to play! It’s ridiculous! We do need a revolution! Okay, I’m done ranting too. Lol

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